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"Weaggles: Waging Wars" is a simple arcade style shooter game. It's been under development for just over a month. It's very lacking, a little too difficult, a little buggy, but still pretty fun and it's only going to get better.

Objectives and mechanics

You'll probably grasp them pretty quickly. There is one player military base and 3 enemy bases. Each base spawns tanks. Your objective is to destroy all enemy tanks until no more tanks can be spawned. So is theirs. Re-spawning costs you 15 base points, if your base has 15 or less spawn points it can no longer re-spawn the player. AI troops cost 10, if an enemy base has bellow 10 it is practically useless. You can summon up to two ally AI tanks at a time but they will cost you 10 base points. All bases start with 100 base points, but they will spawn tanks immediately at the start of the level (and the player will be left with 85 while enemies with 90 each). Bases can be damaged directly with bullets, or better yet - bombs.


WASD or Arrow keys
Left joystick stick
Space or left mouse button
Joystick button 0
Item (use)
E or right mouse button
Joystick button 1
Unit (spawn)
Q or middle mouse button
Joystick button 2

Note: if you are playing with a joystick the exact location of the buttons (or the axes) may vary, in-game controls remapping will be added soon, until then...


Gives you 5 base points
Gives you 3 bomb items, which, when placed, go BOOM! Destroys nearby things (does 30 AOE damage).
Blue shield
Protection against a single bullet.
Yellow shield
Temporary protection against all bullets
Makes you go (about two times) faster

Contact me

Hi, my name is Hristoz (or Izzo) and I'm the sole coder/artist/designer to blame for any of this. If you find pesky bugs, want to criticize or advice me, want to voice an opinion or concern, have an awesome idea that I absolutely have to include in the next version, or just want to say "hi!" you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or my personal website.